We believe there is no planet B when it comes to climate change.

And the way we’re currently operating, we’re going to need one…unless we do our fair share to keep our Earth clean today and for tomorrow.


I want to help do my part to go GREEN, because the cost difference to our apartment bottom line will pretty much be little to none. I’m the manager of a retail clothing store and an active member in my community, so if green energy in my home can help us improve our air quality and climate crisis, and the electricity will be trustworthy and reliable, then I’m all for that!

– Mariana G.

I want to support technologies that will reduce our world’s carbon imprint. At home, I want to choose green, renewable energy sources for sure. As a husband/Dad with kids in school, I’m still learning too! If I can help the planet, and if it doesn’t cost me extra money, then the only questions I have are…where do I sign up and how do I get my neighbors started too?

– Patrick S.

I work for a non-profit that encourages citizens to live greener lifestyles. I love being educated and empowered to make an informed CHOICE. With nothing “to do” on my part like scheduling new service, rewiring issues, and no hassle or cost of new equipment or long term contracts, then clean/green energy in our homes is the biggest no brainer of our generation!

– Ava J.

Our Simple, No-Hassle Process!


Choose Your Area


Choose Your Utility


Provide Your Utility Info

Congrats, you’re now sourcing more green energy and saving the planet!

There are absolutely NO CATCHES!

We make this choice as COST NEUTRAL as possible!
There is NO FEE to switch!
There are NO sticky contracts!
There will be a NON-EXISTENT hassle factor!

This means…

There is nothing YOU NEED TO DO!

You will receive your electricity without any interruption!

No wiring! No scheduling! No equipment! No billing changes!

Clients We Wow

We stand for a clean, sustainable planet where we have choice in our own homes about how we consume energy.

We understand you’re scared about the future of our planet, and don’t trust the fossil fuel industry or the naysayers about climate change.  We know it’s frustrating, but we also know you can make a difference.
You deserve to live on a clean planet, run on green and renewable energy resources!
Even one household at a time, we’re building a movement that shifts the balance to green renewable energy sources on the only planet we have to live on at the moment.

The cost of Yes…and the cost of No

The cost of renewable energy has tumbled even further over the past year, to the point where almost every source of green energy can now compete on cost with oil, coal and gas-fired power plants. The falling cost of renewable energy means it now ought to play a central role in the wider efforts to tackle climate change!

And what are the costs IF WE WAIT?!?

  • Climate change continues to accelerate
  • Fossil fuels and brown energy will continue to dominate
  • Dangerous impact on the planet continues:

Heat waves
Heavy Precipitation
Sea-Level Rise
Threats to habitats and animals
Ocean acidification

Paying It Forward

For every new customer enrollment…
A $5 donation will be made to support organizations who share our mission to reduce our carbon footprint, ensure a clean environment, and protect our planet from accelerating climate change.  

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