Bringing affordable green and renewable energy to residential homes is what we do,

but ensuring we keep our planet clean for ourselves and our kids is who we are..

We must have sustainable energy resources that don’t contribute to the toxic soup of a planet we already live on.

And we know the importance of keeping our planet clean for our own existence.

World populations are growing, and so is our ‘consumerism’. At the very least, we have to keep sustainability top of mind.

Everyone has seen the impact from climate change, the ice caps melting, people and animal being displaced from their homes, so we know if we all just pitch in and do a little of what we can control, it’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s actually pretty easy too. As you’ll see, it’s really a NO BRAINER!  Will you choose GREEN ENERGY and help keep our planet clean?

It’s why we named our company after our kids…Wilder, Om, Roshen, Hannah and Quinn to get WOR HQ.  We all deserve to live on a clean planet, but it’s us adults that have the power to choose green energy for our homes, and in doing so, every small contribution counts toward doing our part for ourselves today, and for kids’ tomorrows.

We stand for a clean, sustainable planet where we have choice in our own homes about how we consume energy.

We’re building a movement that shifts the balance to green renewable energy sources on the only planet we have to live on at the moment.

Ron Cantlie and Michael Jackson started WOR HQ in 2016 as a way for to contribute to the much needed GREEN movement not only nationally but around the world. By partnering with the top developers/suppliers/financiers and clients, we are focused on sustainability and renewables ranging from PPA’s/VPPA’s/REC’s both to large industrial/commercial users and to the individual household. 

We care about our collective well-being for ourselves as individuals, for our neighbors and communities, for our animal friends in nature, for our environment and the planet we all live on together.

We have to work together on making our Earth home clean, healthy and sustainable. And we’re coached up on all this from our Environmental Well-Being Architect, Dr. Brad Bongiovanni, so we can think holistically and thoughtfully about how we do not just offer a service, but rather… how we can make a real difference in the mission for a green, renewable and sustainable community and planet.