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The Health Impact of Climate Change

WOR HQ, APG&E, and Mega Energy provide 100% GREEN residential electric supply.
They purchase REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) on your household’s behalf.

What is a renewable energy certificate (REC)?

A renewable energy certificate, or REC (pronounced: rěk), is a market-based instrument that represents the property rights to the environmental, social and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation.
RECs are issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered to the electricity grid from a renewable energy resource.

RECs can include several data attributes, such as:

  • Certificate Data
  • Certificate type
  • Tracking system ID
  • Renewable fuel type
  • Renewable facility location
  • Nameplate capacity of project
  • Emissions rate of the renewable resource.
  • Project name
  • Project vintage (build date)
  • Certificate (generation) vintage
  • Certificate unique identification number
  • Utility to which project is interconnected
  • Eligibility for certification or RPS

*Note: This list is not exhaustive and, depending on the market in which the REC is generated, other attributes may be associated with the certificate.

Why purchase them?

In an ideal world, we would all have small wind farms or solar panels that generate exactly the amount of energy we need to power our lives. But let’s face it, that’s pretty tough to do. By purchasing RECs, you are supporting clean energy and displacing emissions associated with fossil fuel-powered electric generation